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To become the world’s preferred choice within the domain of Precision Guided
Munitions through constant innovation and reliable service.

About Us

Constant Innovation and Reliable Service

At Tawazun Dynamics, we serve the Precision Guided Munitions (PGM) industry with a continuum of solutions, ranging from design and manufacture, through to supply chain and maintenance. Our existence is the strategic culmination of a joint venture between Tawazun Holding (51%) and the South Africa-based Denel Dynamics (49%).

Since its inception, Tawazun Dynamics has expanded its core competencies to be able to design, develop, create, assemble, sub-assemble and manufacture products through collaboration with local suppliers, mastering of industrial expertise as well as deployment of the latest technologies.

Tawazun Dynamics was conceptualized with the primary objective to develop capabilities in the UAE. We believe our constant innovation and enterprise will transform us into a self-sustaining, fully-operational unit across the spectrum.


Tawazun Holding, which was borne out of the long-established Tawazun Economic Council in 2007, was created to develop ventures through industrial partnerships and strategic investments that add value to the UAE’s industrial manufacturing sector across a number of areas: defense and aerospace, automotive, munitions, metals and technology.

Tawazun has established itself as an active industrial investor both locally and internationally by partnering with a hand-picked selection of world-class market leaders to build skills, expertise, products and systems in the UAE. Its investment strategy is designed to drive change within the marketplace, while its aim is to inspire emerging companies by providing strong and consistent support to aid their future expansion.

With its unrelenting focus on economic diversification and sustainability, technology transfer and value addition, Tawazun is committed to supporting the development of the next generation of industrial leaders in the UAE. Tawazun invests heavily in its people by partnering with world-class academic institutions, creating pioneering training programs and ensuring that its people are armed with the skills to meet the needs of emerging industries in the UAE through its various training programs.

Our Products

Al Tariq consists of two different range configurations

Al Tariq-S

(Standard Range)

Al Tariq-LR

(Long Range)

Dual-mode Seekers


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